Speaking to fashion icon Linus Norrbom

As the first chapter of our newly released editorial, we had the pleasure of sitting down with fashion icon Linus Norrbom.

You seem very interested in in-depth information about the garments you wear. Where does this interest come from? Honestly, I can’t remember how that interest started. But I guess, to me, it’s more to a garment than what first meets the eye. Whether it’s about the functionality or characteristics of a certain material or weave, the history and geography related to some design characteristics, the impressive work of experienced artisans or something else, widening and deepening my knowledge brings me joy. After all, it’s a bit of a passion, and striving for knowledge is never wrong.



Would you consider yourself a fashion ’nerd’?
I wouldn’t call myself a fashion nerd. I’m rather more interested in style than fashion. That goes for many things in life, and definitely for menswear. I would lie if I said I’m not unaffected by trends and what’s happening around me, but I’m more interested in developing my own personal style, which tends to lean towards classic menswear – perhaps with a modern and personal twist. I would definitely admit to being a bit of a style ‘nerd’ though.


When did you first know that fashion had a special place in your heart?

I guess I have always had in interest in aesthetics, whether it’s clothes, architecture, or something else. As a kid, I used to enjoy drawing/sketching. The interest for clothes I think grew on me gradually, and I remember the fascination for some of my fathers and grandfathers classic pieces – like a tweed cap I was happy to borrow from my father in my teens. A bit of modelling in younger years and the years in academia wearing white tie attire every now and then probably both help to spark that fire. I definitely enjoy dressing well, for my own sake rather than for someone else, while also of course being respectful of the situation.


You were born in Stockholm, Sweden, could you please tell us about your childhood?

Yes, born and, mostly, raised in Stockholm. A shorter period in The Netherlands, and then Gothenburg (affecting both my sense of humor and choice of favorite soccer and ice hockey teams), but I spent most of my childhood in Stockholm. Growing up, I spent most of my spare time doing sports – something I still love and that will always be a central part of my life, although with different priorities.

You almost never post photos of your face, why is that?

Yes, you are right. At first, I never posted a photo showing my face, unless the photo was already generally available on the web. With time, I have become less strict with that “policy” of mine, and make an appearance every now and then, but mostly I still crop out my face in the photos I post. Basically, it comes down to two things: integrity and focus on the clothes. I have no need of putting myself in the spotlight, and my Instagram feed is all about menswear and style, so I let the clothes be in focus rather than me (although I am aware many would appreciate the personal touch and character a full shot brings).


If you could have any fashion influenced job in the world, who’s place would you take?

That’s an interesting question. I don’t know how many times I’ve received the question why I’m not using my eye for style (other’s words) working in the menswear industry.
I believe I would find it very interesting, and probably very inspiring, to be have the opportunity to explore my creativity designing a collection of a menswear brand within classic menswear, but also to work on innovating and implementing new business models.

What’s the one thing you can’t be without when dressing up?

Historically, I guess I would have said a pocket square. When wearing a jacket, I’ve felt “naked” without a pocket square. However, regardless of what you put on to dress well, the one thing you can’t be without is confidence. You need to feel confident and good about yourself in what you wear. Style is personal. If that’s in place, a natural smile will be your best accessory.


How were you first introduced to Rosewall?

Late 2018, I came across the then all new brand and its founders, who got in touch with me via Instagram. I immediately liked the brand idea, the values and the initial designs. As I really appreciate Swedish entrepreneurship with fresh ideas and a genuine interest in quality menswear at good value, I was pleased to offer any support and knowhow to get them going. Since then, much has happened and the brand keeps making good progress by sensible additions to the product portfolio and development of the business. I’m looking forward to see the coming steps.


What’s your interception of the brand and do you feel we differentiate ourselves towards our competitors?

I think the brand’s collection is really well curated, with timeless knitwear in very relevant models, fabrics, and colors. Looking at the colors, for instance, I’d basically wear every single shade you have introduced. The fit is spot on, and highly wearable. You have really managed to catch some of the clean aesthetics of Scandinavian design in your collection.


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