Fun Facts


Get to know how fantastic the cashmere fabric is and how you can use it to your advantage to make sure your garments lasts for a long time.

  • In order to produce one average size sweater, you will need the wool from between 3-5 goats.
  • Cashmere absorbs and releases water vapor as humidity rises and falls, which is why it works great as an insulator. According to experts, cashmere will keep you warm 8 times better than ordinary wool.
  • Cashmere fiber is 6 times finer than human hair. 
  • Cashmere was a material that was used by noblemen in the Roman Empire. Starting from the 18th century, this material became popular among European royal families and aristocrats again. 
  • Cashmere fineness starts from 14 microns and goes up to 19 macrons. Thinner cashmere is finer. 


Merino Wool

Go in depth with the Merino Wool fabric with these 5 fun facts. 

  • Merino sheep do not need to turn their head to see around them. They have a 360 degrees field of vision
  • Merino sheep have natural oils called Lanolin that help shed water and make them water resistant.
  • Merino wool fiber can wick up to 30% of its own weight in moisture and still remain dry to the touch. It also pulls 10 times more moisture away from the skin than synthetic fiber while maintaining all of its performance qualities. 
  • Merino wool has a porous structure which makes it such a good thermal insulator. The mesh of the fibers has millions of air pockets which further help to regulate temperature and humidity.
  • Merino wool is a very strong fabric and can bend back on itself 20.000 times without breaking. Other fibers are not so strong. Cotton for example can only bend back on itself 3.200 times and silk only 1.800 times