We all know the importance of storytelling when building a brand.
So, this is where we should add a touching story about a family-owned company, started by a great grandfather. Or an epic boy meets girl story. Or a story about rescuing a baby goat in the Gobi desert.

But sorry, there is none.
We are just two friends who decided to provide fellow guys with high quality sweaters with a nice fit.

End of story.





Our vision

Looking for our vision?
Keep on looking! We love cashmere, we love merino wool, and we love sweaters with a good fit.

That’s it.



Scandinavian Fit

No human being is perfect, but a sweater has to be.

We love the feel of a classic, quality sweater but we were tired of having to choose between a good fit and long enough sleeves.

So we decided to start our own brand.

Our sweaters are made from high quality cashmere and merino wool. They come in a number of colors and styles, and last for a lifetime if you take good care of them.

But most importantly – they have a perfect fit. We call it Scandinavian fit (because we like the sound of it and the name was not taken).